Eustace Palladinos


Eustace Palladino comes from Puglia, a region of Italy with important Greek influences since ancient time and which helped him to cultivate interest for the Classical Arts. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and, quite soon, he found himself to be also attracted by Ancient Sculpture and Architecture. Because English Art & Crafts always fascinated him, in 2021 he decided to move to London where he had the chance to be involved in the local pottery-ceramic scene. Here, he had the opportunity to experiment with different intriguing materials such as the Parian Porcelain, which he found particularly suitable for his idea of a solar Mediterranean elegance. His mission is to make everyday spaces more harmonious through the refined sobriety of Greek Style. New projects are coming and will involve both indoor and outdoor Decor & Design plus some pottery ideas. 


What defines him and his style is without doubt Doric Rhythm. Among the places which had a great impact on him through Southern Italy and Greece, it was Olympia. There, he was so impressed by the Doric Style and the sense of harmony -eurhytmic- interchange between Nature and Architecture. Thanks to his passionate school studies in geometry, he tried to find a mathematical way to build a Doric column. As a paper craft. Soon, he realised that the naked simplicity of Doric is not that easy to be understood since it is made by precise proportions and complex aesthetic analogies such as the golden ratio. Following the Classical Foot of 32.83cm, he finally found a solution that he will always aim to refine over time. So that, following the idea that ceramics could perfectly suit with his Doric project, he started building plaster folds using his paper-crafts and eventually expanding this technique to the other architectural elements. Following the Doric inspiration, he designed some pottery too as well as some sculptures where the Doric “philosophy” is a constant base of inspiration.