James Hillman


James Hillman (UK, 1992) currently lives and works in Isola del Liri, Italy. His work evolves around a constant experimentation of the material form. His paintings go through a process of layering, de-layering and eroding until an image appears. Through painting's inherent material qualities or a breakdown in the use of pictorial perspective, a key preoccupation of Hillman’s work is the relationship between an image/painted surface and its underlying physical support. His sculptural motifs present historic symbolism, from the imagery of the circle, cross, and palm. Its resulting effect is used to disorder, re-contextualise and imbue them with new meaning. In that sense it is an opposite and complimentary process to the one of the paintings. Some of his most recent exhibitions are AURORA, CultRise, Roma, (2017), Impermanent Indelible, LAMB Arts, London, (2015), Grdn Garden Jrdn, The North Wall, Oxford (2012), Sculpture in the Garden for Marie Curie, West Harting (2014).